Bill McWilliam

Bill McWilliam

Director, Chairman

Bill has experience in the securities industries in research, corporate finance, underwriting capacities, and consulting with a focus on the resource sector. He has also managed exploration programs for junior companies in Newfoundland, Mexico, Canada and Argentina. Bill is responsible for the principal direction and the day-to-day operations of Cascadero.

Judith Harder


Ms. Harder has dedicated her full-time energies to the Company since 2008. She is experienced in public company regulatory issues. In the past she has been involved in municipal politics (city council) and worked as a stockbroker for a prominent Vancouver firm. She is also experienced in managing private companies and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Dave Trueman, Ph.D P.Geo

Dave Trueman, Ph.D P.Geo


David Trueman started his geological career as a smelter mechanic in Thompson, Manitoba in 1962; the year INCO blew in its new converters. In the intervening 52 years he has spent time in academia, government, and industry and in the last 37 years specializing in the rare metals field.

Dr. Trueman’s interest in rare metals stemmed from the geological examination of structural controls of granite related mineral deposits and in 1977 he joined Tantalum Mining Corp. of Canada (TANCO) which, at that time was producing some 70% of the world’s newly won tantalum. He entered the junior mining sector in 1983 when he joined Highwood Resources to work on their Thor lake project and has since worked on rare metal deposits through the Arctic in Canada, Greenland, the US and USSR, and in Australia, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, India, the PRC, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Spain, France, Wales, Denmark, and East Germany. His work has focussed on the geology, metallurgy, and markets of tantalum, niobium, lithium, rubidium, cesium, beryllium, the rare earth elements, indium, gallium, germanium, tellurium, zirconium and hafnium.

Tom McCabe


Mr. McCabe of Calgary, Alberta, retired as Vice-President of the Bank of Montreal in Calgary in 1995 when he assumed the role of President and CEO of Alberta Tourism and led the privatization of tourism for Alberta. In 1990 Mr. McCabe joined the Board of Theatre Calgary and spent the next 17 years serving as Director, Chairman, President, CEO and Executive Director, retiring September 2014.

Edmond Bugos

Vice-President, Corporate Finance

Mr. Edmond Bugos is an independent financial journalist, equity analyst, entrepreneur, former stockbroker, futures trader, and investment banking professional. He has co-founded several websites for the niche macro investor, and has worked with other financial media organizations in the US and Canada to provide investors with research on gold, currency and stock price trends. Ed started his distinguished career as a stockbroker on Howe Street at one of Vancouver’s leading brokerage firms during the nineties funding diamond and gold exploration. Since 2009, Mr. Bugos has also been the CEO of his own independent research company, PMER (Precious Metals Equity Research), which sells research and sub advisory services to broker-dealers, investment managers, and general providers of financial content. PMER also provides consulting services to junior mining companies.

Sharon Lewis

Chief Financial Officer/Corporate Secretary

Current CFO of Esstra Industries Inc., and a former Director of White Bear Resources and Caussius Ventures Inc., Ms. Lewis has worked in with public companies for the past 25 years.

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